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Hello! Just note in a picture below how differs controls in IE11, Legacy Edge and current Chromium Edge. Current Edge looks absolutely the same and inconvenient as Google Chrome.

PLEASE revert appearance of scrollbars as it was in IE11 or at least Legacy Edge. The shape of that arrow was nice and quiet. Also note the lack of 1px light border in Legacy Edge between content and gray scrollbar itselt; it looks super good and you should come back to it! Remove useless border and take IE11 arrow shape :) Thanks!



P.S. I use 125 DPI scaling if you wonder but that's not a big deal, you got the idea

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The scrollbar for IE11 shall not come because the scrollbar was default to Windows 8 & 8.1 and not for windows 10 which is shown in the photo of the legacy version and then also the developers of the websites have the right to have custom scrollbars in their own sites as given in the article below:
IE scrollbar was fine with custom colors; I also liked the idea with transparent background of light side of scrollbar
also I'm talking about UI features such as border removing and arrow shape changing and you talking about unsupported standards of IE and it's completely wrong. w3 standards won't be affected by UI change
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@royamicus185 Thanks for the screenshots; the comparisons really help illustrate those UI differences. If you haven't yet, can you submit this feedback through the browser? It helps our product team keep everything together, and they really like having detailed requests like this.


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