Scroll bars are theme sensitive

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Hey there,

Today I was browsing some repos on GitHub. In case you don't know, GitHub recently got a dark theme, which I enabled, and to my surprise, the scroll bars turned dark!

Here is it in action:




I have seen in this in edge:// pages as well.

Though this is far from the modern scroll bar that we want similar to Edge Legacy, it is still worth mentioning that the scrollbar is now theme sensitive.

What are your thoughts on this?

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You're right, that's a good catch. I haven't seen this anywhere else, so I wonder if this is truly a Chromium feature or if GitHub has just created a custom scrollbar style that imitates the default Chromium one?




I've seen it myself, just telling him that's empty there

@HotCakeX Sorry for the incomplete post. I don't know why it happened, because the post was visible to me when I posted it. I have edited the post and made the required changes.

it's alright, I'm seeing it on more websites after today's canary