Screen Redraws Moving Windows

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Something has changed in the past update or two where I'm seeing odd behavior with Edge and screen re-draws. 


1. If I drag an edge window from monitor 1 to monitor 2, the wallpapers flicker and it redraws the screen.

2. On first launch of Edge, it does the same thing. Subsequent windows don't.


It's quite irritating and feels unpolished. Anyone else experiencing it? I do run multiple Ultrawides with DisplayFusion to logically divide the screens, that said nothing on my system has been updated or changed other than the Edge version so it seems more likely to be the culprit. 


EDIT: I should also add dragging any other application/window between the screens does not exhibit this behavior, just recent versions of Edge Chromium. 

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I don't have 2 monitors to test this out, but you can use the feedback button on Edge (Alt + Shift + i) to send a feedback about this issue, it'll capture additional data about it.
from the same feedback window, choose "attachments" and then "recreate my problem", press the "start recording" button; reproduce the issue while it's recording.