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There is one particular reason that I DESPISE "geo locating".  I work in a foreign country and DO NOT SPEAK THE LANGUAGE HERE.  But yet, Microsoft, in all of its infinite wisdom KNOWS that EVERYTHING that I see on the internet MUST BE in the language of the country I am in... DESPITE me turning off geo location, setting ENGLISH as my language in Windows AND in Edge... Telling EDGE to locate me in the United States, and BEGGING it to display results in ENGLISH ONLY.


Ok, I finally figured it out... but not without a lot of me being irked. This happened to me a lot in another country--but I spoke enough of that language to figure things out--but HERE is the REAL problem with Edge: You tell it to remember these settings and it will! That is for about 5 SECONDS... as soon as you close it down and reopen it.. Fahrenheit becomes Celsius, Your location changes to wherever your ISP is (NOT ALWAYS in the country that I am currently standing in), the LANGAUGE CHANGES to GOD KNOWS WHAT... is there some way to tell Edge to PERMANENTLY REMEMBER my changes UNLESS I PHYSICALLY CHANGE THEM FROM THE KEYBOARD??? Using a VPN will also screw with settings, such as time, location, etc... IF I select a certain settings group--I want that group TO ALWAYS BE THE SAME regardless of if I am on a VPN, or which VPN I am on, or if I am just on the internet with no VPN.

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