Saving files being worked on where I can find them when I finally finish them

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Windows 10 Office software was easy to understand and save files and find them again. I read the Windows 11 instructions several times and still lost a lot of files. It could be my age - 82. However, I have been using computers for a long time and heavily. My first computer was a Commadore 128 with 51/4 floppy drive n hard drive. This is the worst learning and using practice / procedures  I have seen - excluding my Auditing of Computer based systems. I have 40 +years of Internal Auditing - mostly operational combined with internal controls (manual and IT based) I have 3 Accounting Degrees, am a CPA & CIA, I have worked 20 years as Director of  Internal Auditing at 2 major State Universities and as an Internal Auditing Manager at the new AT&T Headquarters on some really complex Audits. But this software is so significant from prior versions I am seriously thinking of trying to go back to Windows 10 Office.


PS: I have more than 2  TB of my family Genealogy data in thousands of files of varying format and I can easily find anything I want. I am glad I did not try this with Windows 11 and whatever "Office" is now. I am going to consider deleting Windows 11 with Office and re-install Windows 10 with Office!  Ron K.

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