Saving a PDF file

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Anyone else not able to save a PDF file from a web site like


This is the file I'm trying to save to my HD....



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I just checked your link and I could download and save the PDF file to my desktop.
Edge Insider Version (Official build) canary (64-bit)
Ok, Thanks for checking :) Must be a setting I have turned on....

I'm curious to know which setting would cause that, whenever you find it :)


I'm an anyone and saves for me just fine, Dennis.  Not that that helps you much, I don't suppose.


Yes, it does help, it further tells me there is some setting/flag I've set that is blocking it.... And I've yet to find it.. ggrrrrr


@Dennis5mile  "Yes, it does help, it further tells me there is some setting/flag I've set that is blocking it.... And I've yet to find it.. ggrrrrr"


Yeah, something's blocking.  I routinely download pdf's, and Dev is working fine, including with the Lowe's link.  I run "clean" (that is, no extensions, no modifications) so my guess is that you are right about an extension or setting/flag being the culprit.  Good luck.


@HotCakeX @Drew1903 @tomscharbach 


Ok, got to the problem.....  The team recently removed some flags that I had as "Enabled"  One specific flag; Block unsafe downloads over insecure connections"  Even though they had removed that flag from being listed in the experimental flags area, it apparently was still functioning on my system.   I had a feeling that was the problem and fortunately the team has another flag; Temporarily unexpire M76 flags." and I was able to Disable the "Block unsafe downloads over insecure connections" flag and now all is well..... but it took some time to figure this out as I had all 3 channels open and all 3 failed, then I thought that maybe I had a setting on my system/pc that was the culprit, but first I opened IE and tried it from there, and I was able to download the pdf's..  So that told me it was not a system setting and had to do with an edge flag/setting within all 3 channels..   Now I'm a happy camper....


If your having trouble, try checking some old flags ... 




Cool info & story, Dennis, & good to have shared it.  Glad you have it sorted.  Good ole process of elimination.  Easy to see you saying knowing what was ok for others helped in that process.  Anyway, good news.


Good to know what was the cause.
blocking unsafe downloads over insecure connections means no download from HTTP websites right? I mean i know setting up HTTPS for your website is pretty easy but for a website that for example only hosts files and software to be downloaded by users and does not get any sensitive data from the users like their passwords then that shouldn't be a security concern..
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