Saved tabs lost after upgrade to new Edge?

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I have upgraded my Edge and several sets of saved tabs (remember those 2 buttons in the top left corner in old Edge?) seems to be lost as I cant find any way to access them from the new Edge.


Any suggestions? can i recover them somehow? i really need them. I relied on them for very long time. is there a file which stores these collection?

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@Maxima . Thanks for reaching out. We're sorry to hear that! We want to make sure we get you the right help, so to confirm, did you get the new MS Edge after a Windows system update, or did you find and download it independently? And when you say "saved tabs," do you mean tabs that were open but in the "set aside" feature?


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@Deleted - yes set aside. any way i can recover those?

I got edge by typing "download edge" in google and clicking first microsoft link which was (I did install of new Edge on Windows server yesterday and was quite impressed with it so i upgraded my desktop today).. Nothing to do with Windows updates.


The machine in question is : Windows 10 Pro build 18362

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@Maxima . I just chatted with the team and have some good news! Those tabs should now be in your Favorites folder under "Tabs set aside," which you can search and manage by going to Ctrl + Shift + O, or edge://favorites, or by clicking the toolbar icon with a star and lines.




Hopefully that helps!


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they should be here in a folder: edge://favorites/

whenever I do the upgrade from Edge legacy to the new Edge, the tabs set aside go to a folder in favorites.

@Deleted yes i can see them. thank you very much!

@Maxima . Fantastic! Yay, I'm so glad. Let us know if you have any more questions.


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Today I automatically (June 19 2020) received the new Edge browser, but have lost all the tabs and history. The favourite bar is as it looked a year ago and not the one I was using yesterday. Have seen previous posts but I do not have a old tabs folder in other favourites




Then where are the navigation history of each of those tabs? Are they gone? This is the reason I am not installing the new edge browser.

@HotCakeX Not only was there no tabs folder in favorites. The favorites were old ones taken from the explorer version and no favorites bar

@PNvmkpk  Yeah, I now wish I hadn't downloaded the update; I really liked having the tabs set aside button conveniently on the toolbar as well as not having to actually close/save open tabs that are on the toolbar before turning off my computer, and having them available the next day.

@MissFaye2U Our team has heard that users missed "Set aside tabs," so we implemented a feature in Collections that has a similar functionality: "Add all tabs to a new collection."


@HotCakeX wrote a great post illustrating this feature, so feel free to check it out.


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@Deleted collections is missing key ability of Set Tabs Aside feature, saving and restoring the navigation history of a tab. For it to replace the Set Tabs Aside feature, this missing ability is a must have.

@Deleted Is there a better way to do this? I actually really liked the UI for saving and reloading racks of tabs and found it super easy to switch between activities. I've tried out the "collections" feature but it seems to require me to load a new tab for each page and then click each collection page, which is not much easier than just opening a new tab and typing in the page URL.

@Zac66789 Reading the last message, I now realize one can add all tabs to a collection. As another pointed out, there is not history saved, but also this feature requires more steps and has more limited functionality. If I could make a suggestion, I would say merge the two ideas. Keep the "save it for later" feature, but allow groups of tabs to be labeled as well as the other functions collections has.

@Zac66789 Thanks for the feedback! If you have a chance, our Collections team would appreciate it if you could submit that suggestion through the browser (Shift+Alt+I) so that they can review it directly.


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Where is this mystery function that restores the tabs that the recent Windows Update wiped out.   I see no "Tabs Set Aside" function or anything else that would restore the 22 tabs that have been wiped out.  The "History" function is useless -- "Recently closed" doesn't work because I never closed them!


@PBMxxIf you click on the favorites star on the upper right-hand toolbar, then scroll down to the bottom you will see the folder. I moved my saved tabs folder to the top of the list for convenience. I hope that helps.

@MissFaye2U   Nope -- no such folder anywhere.

@PBMxxI tried to help :( the rest is beyond my knowledge lol, I hope you get it solved :)