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i am using the website "Exercise Timer" to create a custom fitness workout.

I would like to save my workout in my browser after i added my exercises so i can edit it later. When i close my browser, everything gets deleted and i have to add all my exercises again.

Is there a way to save all my entries?

I know i can send the workout to my phone and use the app. However, editing is much more convenient on my PC.

Thank you

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this is the problem (or lack of feature) of that website. I just tried it, created a test workout program and in the end it hands over a link to me to send it to my phone.

You can right-click on each entry and add them to your Edge Collections but the sync between PC and phone version of Edge isn't implemented yet.

I think you need to find a better app/web app that has the features you want.
of course they are thousands of ways to do this, like by writing them in a Word document to be able to edit them on any platform any time for free.

or write them in OneNote, To-Do etc.


Hi Philip,

Here's a couple of things you can do for this using Edge C:  You can Save the page & or you can pin it; once pinned, even if closed, reopens as it was.  Can, also, hit Share & put the thing in OneNote.
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NB: Right now, in Edge C, Share is buried in the ellipsis not, in its familiar spot on the toolbar. 


PS: Anyone interested in the highly customisable clock, it's called TheAeroClock.

Did you try that site?
they already offer the ability to send the link to phone via SMS.