Save directly into OneDrive

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Has anyone figure out a way to download a file directly to onedrive?  Not setting your download folder to be a local onedrive folder (is it downloads locally then uploads).  But instead something that would send a file downloaded directly to onedrive.  

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Do we have a solution for this problem? Iam also waiting for a response...

@Jeff Williams @bprithvi


have you tried using the share dialogue? I would probably combine that with a macro (not sure if text blaze works on edge, but they do have good keyboard shortcuts) to select the right drive.


Depending on what you want to share and how, this is for right clicking on an item.

If you want to save the whole page, I would use textblaze / something similar to use the 
ctrl-s for save

enter the destination of my onedrive folder


with a little bit of tweaking this might be doable to save directly into onedrive via the browser, but you likely need to experiment a bit with it.