Safe search strict mode enabled - blocks pictures, but not videos and sites when I search

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Please, does anyone know how to block all these porn sites permanently, if it is possible to disable them permanently that would be great.

I must admit that I used to be big porn addict, but now I watch it every here and there when I get urges (I grew up a bit, so it is not very often and I can control it), but I want to make sure I never enter these sites or at least have some kind of a reminder as why I should not enter them, so it does not need to be permanent block if you know what I mean. 

I used strict mode on safe search and it did block pictures as I checked, but it did not block sites and videos, however that would not be big problem if some kind of pop up would pop up and remind me or ask me ''do you want to proceed to this site'' kind of thing, if you know what I mean... 

Please admins, help me solve this problem and help me to move on with my life. I want to forget my past life and this would make it much easier for me and I feel like my progress would be 10 times faster. Wish you good day and I hope you can help me solve this problem of mine.

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Install Extension - uBblock Origin, write how it works for you:)

@A1 Thank you, god bless! This is what I wanted, simple and effective! 


Thank you for the post - the topic is important -> certainly concerns many people, but they do not have the courage to ask for help.

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