Rubber banding when you reach the end of a page

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I noticed that 'rubber banding' when you reach the end of a page is enabled in the latest Canary build ( While I love this feature for regular scrolling it would be nice if there was a way to disable it.


We ship a single page web app which is suppose to be static with a vertical scroll box containing names. Since the app is single page, there is no need to hint that you've reached the end of the page. This actually negatively impacts the user experience and was one of the reasons why users prefered Chrome over Edge.

A setting/flag to allow users to turn this off in Edge Chromium would be appreciated.

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That is a great development request.   I will make sure that the product team sees it





Love edge and the vertical rubber banding effect is nice. Hate the horizonal rubber banding. Just distracting. Going straight back to Chrome!