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Hello. This may be more suited as an idea for a separate browser add-on, but I'll write about a problem that bothers me. Chrome-based browsers don't have built-in rss preview support. There are a lot of add-ons, but personally I don't like the way rss looks. In my opinion the most convenient preview of rss was when in firefox. But it was cut out, too. Maybe someone will write an add-on that will make rss tapes look like the outside of what is depicted in the picture. Thank you.

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Yes extension are the best for these things.
I use Feedbro:
try it if you haven't, has many options.


It doesn't suit me. I need a preview right in the browser. For example, how


But I don't like the kind of news feed.

Right now Firefox does not show RSS feed previews any better than Edge.
I'm on it right now, it just shows a basic XML preview with bunch of texts, nothing fancy or convenient for the end users. still the best option is using extensions


This feature was recently removed from Firefox:

Add that to it:

and you'll see that on the screenshot, too. I started this topic in the hope that someone would want to move this kind of rss tapes to the Edge.

Well I mean Mozilla removed it because "these features have an outsized maintenance and security impact relative to their usage".
so that means they already have done it, experienced it and got the results that it is not a good idea. so if Edge adds that back to the browser it would be a step backwards I think

@HotCakeX I found a solution to the problem. I set and everything was fine. There is also a preview in a very convenient way for me. And you can subscribe.