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@Elliot Kirk In canary, when I hover over the favorites icons, they are rounded. It looks worse than the more boxy style and makes it look more like a chrome knockoff. Please fix this. Thanks for listening.

Roundfavorites.gifCan is left, beta is right

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They made the InPrivate button square and then decided to make favorites round. That makes no sense. Microsoft needs to stick to one and the one they should stick to is square.

:facepalm:  You've gotta be kidding me.....  :cryingwithlaughter::cryingwithlaughter:




@Dennis5mile Do you mean that you like the rounded ones better or the boxed ones better?



If you access your Favs via FS.jpg rather than using the Favs Bar you won't have to tolerate (or see) this horrid, terrible, very maddening, super-serious issue. Please, report this most irritating problem to Feedback so it can be corrected ASAP.



@cjc2112 This has been fixed in version 79.0.307.0.

Edge hover favicon.png



Where's the Disable Sarcasm button?




Good.  Beats having 2 different appearances in 2 different Channels... pick 1, already.  Anyway, cool, that's off the list.


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