Rounded Address-bar/Omnibox in latest versions of Edge

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Hello. Please remove the rounded address bar in the latest versions of Edge. It does not fit with the other UI elements. 


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Thank you. This is very helpful. I also figured out that all instances of Edge need to be stopped (including the processes when no window is open) in order for Edge to open up with that feature disabled properly.

So…  the truth is it looks good


I was afraid that they are going to implement that UI to the whole browser

but it seems like they are not going to do. 

I accept this as long as they are not going to use this rounded search box* shape to the whole browser

because it will look like chrome. 


[here the (rounded search box*) refers to the fully rounded search box in recent versions, before it was rounded at the edges lightly. this rounded search box is the UI(user interface) I was taking about] 




Hi @CraterBug 


because it will look like chrome.


70% of people in the world use Chrome and don't complain!

Edge should look the same so that no one can see the difference, that's the only way you can encourage 70% of people to try Edge!


Edge team, can you at least make it an option to use the original omnibox?
I agree with this. The rectangular address bar looked better. Rounded one just doesn't fit with everything else.