Rounded Address-bar/Omnibox in latest versions of Edge

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Hello. Please remove the rounded address bar in the latest versions of Edge. It does not fit with the other UI elements. 


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@SpeedGamerJ  I don't know, it looks nice.

It doesn't look bad, it just doesn't fit well with everything else. The radius of the buttons and tabs are much smaller than the new search bar. It looks like it belongs in Google Chrome, not Edge.
Its left-over code from Chromium when they merged the recent changes.
That's good to know. I hope it gets fixed soon.
one of the reasons why I switched from chrome to edge is edge's UI, square having mild round edges
I guess this an attempt to look like chrome
i don't like the new shape, old shape is better
please change it

Yes, agreed. The previous rectangle design fits better with Windows 11 UI. The rectangle also animates better when a search term is entered. 

@SpeedGamerJIt looks awful, so hopefully it is. I assumed it was unused code because I noticed several Chrome capabilities in the most recent Canary release that aren't a part of Edge.

I'm using command-line option "--disable-features=msOmniboxFocusRingRoundEmphasize" to deny this feature, it works for me for now.

Hmm. Unfortunately, this does not work for me on 107.0.1418.35 stable (Win 11).
Search bar => Address bar ?
Yes, address bar, aka omnibox.

fixed! :)

Hi @CraterBug 


The new look is modern and Great, square is a thing of the past! Edge engineering team - must work to make the remaining elements fit into the new project.

Finally, some novelties that are needed.


@atlanto, can you specify how you are able to do this? It does not work for me using Command Prompt in Win 11 with Edge 107.0.1418.35. Would be interested to know how you got it to work. Thanks.
Agreed, its not infitting with the UI. A little unsure why people think having two diverting UI designs in one application is good... If everything were rounded like this is would be less of a problem, but the sudden desire to insert rounded boxes (like the search on the taskbar in 11) is mindbogling to me. Fluent design does not fit with this direction.
I can confirm this works on Edge 107.0.1418.42 on Fedora Linux 38. I will test on Windows 11.



In an Edge shortcut (on your desktop for example), you add this command line (in shortcut properties)




At the end (in target)


Then you launch Edge with this shortcut, and you must have an option that will appear in Settings

Or to see if this shortcut should always be launched (no option in Settings)

Thank you! It works on Windows 11 22H2 with Edge 107.0.1418.42! At the end of the target line, it has to be after the quotation marks. I didn't realize that at first, but now it is working perfectly.