Rolling back to Production - 5.x

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I got fed-up with "Frequent Apps" resetting each time I power-cycled my phone (LG V60, Android 10. 


I got fatigued from no notification dots on those app's icons as well.


Hopefully, this will be fixed in the upcoming beta release, which has yet to make its way to me in the USA.

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Hi, sorry for your bad experience! For the wrong order issue in frequently used apps page, we have fixed in on 0706.89871. For the other issue, we will look into it.

@Ann_Yao_680 Based on a previous post from you, I have been waiting for 89871, but it has not been pushed yet. I am still on 89869. Is 89871 supposed to be available to all beta participants or is only available to some?

As submitted in previous posts/issue reports, the functionality of the Frequently used apps page has be greatly reduced from what was available in the earlier versions. I hope to hear more soon on these features being restored, rather than removed. 



I too am waiting on 89871 - for, what, 10 days now - in The States.

@RG_Durishin @Ann_Yao_680 I received 89871 today. This time my Frequently used apps order was not lost. I restarted my phone and it still did not lose my Frequently used apps order.


However, so far, it does not look like any of the other lost functionality is back. Still missing, I think, are:

- Icon size and positioning has changed and no longer matches the the icons in the dock

- Notification Badges do not appear on the Frequently used apps pinned page

- If I have both a Personal and a Work Profile app, only the first one opened will appear in the Frequently used apps page

- If I uninstall the one that appears, remaining one will not appear in the Frequently used apps page

- The press and hold no longer works for icons on the Frequently used apps page



90613 showed up for me this morning and I can confirm that Frequent App ranking is retained.


No notification tags on their icons in the card, though.

I am also trying to get used to Gestures instead of the buttons, but a few minutes after I set to Gestures, it reverts back to the button navigation... 

@RG_Durishin Thanks for the update. I have not received 90613 yet.