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It would be nice to have a column for each version of Edge, Canary, Dev, Stable, Beta.


Also, if it Is rolling out and what status. Also, what regions would be nice. 


Be nice if this was the stable page as well and not showing the shopping features in the Canadian region in edge stabl

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it's already pretty self-exclamatory

Launched = launched, already in stable
"Rolling Out" = being rolled out, usually controlled
"In Development" = in development

the most important thing is that, they mention Edge versions, that's the most specific piece of information
Thanks, but I couldn't find the password monitor in any of them. It seems all the updates that are shown were sent out in world standard time but they is missing features in there.

I don't' see why I need to go to the office 365 roadmap to see this and also the roadmap I mentioned was on the insider website. Why isn't it in the Stable one as well??
That site is for pretty much every Microsoft product,

for more precise release note there is this
Yes, but I was more looking at the feature status and when it is coming, the chrome release schedule webisite is more easy to understand.
Edge's is easy to understand too
Yes, I guess/
Yeah, everything's good about that, i'm only waiting for the what's next section to be updated with new stuff
There is Smart copy, Password monitor, Linux, vertical tabs.
all of them done, we need new things
Oh I see, I can't wait either but I want all those new features in stable to come on day one not in flags