right-click menu not respecting dark mode (79 dev)

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Make sure both Edge and Windows 10 are set to dark mode, right-click on the tab strip and observe this menu isn't dark with white letters. Please fix!tsmenunotdark.png

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Yes, the right-click menu on desktop and the one on tabs are both dark but not when I right-click on the Edge top bar, I remember it's been like this for quite a while. it should follow Window's universal theme (dark/light)
btw checking in Google chrome 79, it's the same :\
they can change them individually though, for example, try it in File Explorer, the menu is dark
Yes it's totally possible
Edge team, if this issue isn't under your control can you please get the Windows team to fix this? It makes Edge feel old :(
Edge team, can you please give us a rough ETA when this menu will be updated for dark mode? Edge looks nice and modern but then there's this Windows 95 menu out of nowhere hahaha
i think the edge team could even use the native W10 dark context menu by calling the file explorer one although I think that only works when file explorer (the default app mode) is set to dark.

although i think that it was chromium 79 that decided to use a native menu for the titlebar menu but maybe they didn't change anything at all
anyone on the newest version of Windows 10 insider build, is this still an issue? Make sure you have both Windows 10 AND Edge Canary/Dev set to dark mode
The issue is still there.
May I know what is Edge dev and how to set it to dark mode?