Right-click menu is getting out of control

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The right-click menu on Edge is getting out of hand. There needs to be a way to hide or customize what appears on the menu. I am running Canary, and this is what I see when invoking the right-click menu.


Screen Shot 2020-11-24 at 6.12.16 PM.png

The items inside the yellow box should be sub-menus or optional. You can probably make an argument that Save As... and Print... doesn't need to be there either. As a developer, I'm partial to Inspect, but View Page Source could be safely excised. 


It's even worse when I highlight text and open the right-click menu

Screen Shot 2020-11-24 at 6.15.34 PM.png


Why are there two search options and why ask if I want to translate something that is already in English? 


It's great that Edge offers all these tools, but surely there's a better way to show the users they are available. 




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Yes I explained above how every right-click option could be customizable in appearance settings

@Rohit Yadav wrote:

... remove the 'Inspect' and 'View page source' to be toggled on automatically if a user has DevTools open. 

@Rohit Yadav 

The right-click Inspect option is by far the quickest way of locating a specific page element in a complicated DOM when dev tools are open. Removing it would severely detract from dev tools' usefulness for their users. Similarly, Ctrl-U View page source is often a quicker way of examining the page's <head> tag than dev tools. I'd hate to see these options go.


Of course, they are important, but I think if we could customize each of the default right-click items in edge://settings/appearance, just like we control favorites/collection/feedback/history buttons, with a toggle, then people can show/hide any option they want.

for example,
I don't use refresh in right-click => i use F5 or refresh button on browser toolbar
I don't use view page source, only rarely
I don't use inspect element => i use the little thingy at the edge of the developer tools
I don't use print => i use the shortcut CTRL + P
I don't use cast media, never used it
I don't use back/forward buttons => i use the back/forward buttons on the browser toolbar
i don't use web capture => i use web capture icon on the browser toolbar

so for me, this would be a lot helpful and tidy things up. I'm sure everyone has their own needs and required tools, so customization would be helpful for everyone.

about time they do something about it because its getting so bad it doesn't even fit in the browser anymore on smaller screens and right click on words auto correct takes too long to open it's faster to grab a Dictionary ( in fact it took 33 sec to spell check and correct "Dictionary" LOL ...not!) its effecting the performance of edge especially on lower end devices.....WAKE UP Microsoft !