[Right-Click Menu] Can the number of options be reduced?

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Describe the issue:

The current right-click menu in Edge stable consists of 13 entries, which I feel could be overwhelming to some users, especially given they won't have need to use all of them, yet there is no way to hide any of the options.


Suggest a solution:

Some options should be removed by-default; others only shown when the device Edge is running on can offer that feature.



  • Cast media to device: my laptop isn't capable of doing "casting", so it's pointless to me seeing this; whenever hardware doesn't offer this feature, don't show this option
  • Create QR code for this page: is this really used often-enough to justify being in the right-click menu?  The icon for it already appears on the right of the Address Bar when you click in it
  • Add page to Collections: I don't use Collections, so this is another entry I'll never use.  I'd suggest not showing unless a user has created at-least one Collection first
  • View page source and Inspect: like the vast majority of Edge users, I am not a web-developer, and so have no-use ever for these options.  There should be settings within Edge where developers can turn such options on, but Edge should ship with them all off by-default

Before posting on this site, have you suggested this via the "Send Feedback" feature inside Edge?


I have previously, yes.


Browser and OS version


Edge Stable v90.0.818.62 (Official build) (64-bit)

Windows 10 Home (64-bit) Version 20H2 (Build 19042.985; May 2021)





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(Oh, as an addition: shouldn't "Translate to English" be greyed-out (i.e. disabled) when the site you're on already is in English?)

As an additional suggestion, similar to how in the "..." menu the zoom options ("–", "+" and "Enter full screen") occupy one row, why not also put "Back", "Refresh" and "Forward" on one row, to save space:



So, with the addition of the "close tab" and "reopen closed tab" options (as suggested in the "double-click to close a tab" discussion), alongside my suggested removals, this is the end-result: