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Hi all,


In my work I use Edge Chromium version 80.0.361.66 official 64 bits and when I right clic on an image I can search by image.

In my house, with same version, I cant'. When I right click I don't see the option.


How can I enable search image with right click?


Many thanks!

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at home do you use the same Edge chromium and not Edge legacy, the old one?

@HotCakeX Yes, exactly the same Edge Chromium (latest right now). Downloaded from the same website. It's very weird...


Thanks for your time.

Do you test it with the same web page or any website with images?

Thanks again @HotCakeX 


Yes, I tested in same webpages. Look at this screenshot (text in Spanish but don't care):


 Right clic on Google logo. The option is in red rectangle. Same version, same extension installed (uBlock Origin).


I use this option a lot and it bothers me too much not to have it in Edge.



oh I see, thanks for the screenshots. can you try uninstalling your Edge, delete user data when asked during uninstall, and reinstall it again fresh? maybe it will bring back that missing option

Hi @HotCakeX 


I already did :(

And I installed Edge Insider too but the option still did not appear.