Resizing address bar font/UI?

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I don't know about you guys but I think the address bar font size is bigger than the rest of the browser. I've compared with google chrome and I prefer the same size across the UI. Is there any way to change font size for the address bar? I've looked around in the settings but the font size option there is for the webpages only.

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I like the new Edge, but my OCD triggered on the address bar font.

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If you're having OCD problem, take a deep breath and think about something else.
the font in the address bar is aligned with the rest of the UI size. if it were to become smaller, the rest of the UI should become smaller with it as well, otherwise it would become worse.


by the way there is also this topic:

@sengot We appreciate you sharing your thoughts! Yes, as @HotCakeX mentioned, our team is aware of this feedback and is actively considering different options.


Let us know if there is anything else we can help with.


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@HotCakeX Hmm, not sure this works as intended on Edge Dev on Linux (thank you for that, btw!) for me. The font used for the address bar is huge.




Other parts of the UI look much more reasonable:



Anything we can do about it?


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Well not yet, but you can send feedback using feedback button on Edge (shortcuts Alt + shift + i) and request to add an option to let us change scaling of the Edge UI
Large would be good, the font on the Tab Bar, Favorites Bar and Address Bar on my 15" PC is so small, I can hardly read it. Could use an option to resize the font on all info bars.
You have a couple of options to tackle this problem,
first is to use magnifier in Windows (kinda overkill in my opinion)
the next one is to change the scaling in Windows, which also an overkill as it will change the scaling of all apps.
last one is to change the zoom level in Edge edge://settings/appearance
but that doesn't apply to the Edge UI, only the things you see in websites and settings page.
I don't know what happens with this, but for some reason in my Appel M1 the address bar is showing the font too small. even is harder to read compared with other browsers!

Microsoft, we need an option to personlized the font for the search bar.

@nestorvanz Agree, on mac it's on the small side.

@nestorvanz @astigberg same situation! A really like to use Edge on my mac, but the font in the address bar is disgusting



I was able to change the tab and bookmark bar font size for chrome and opera using winaero utility.  Does not work for Edge for some reason.  

@sengot I didn't use Edge for the same stupid reason but the font size issue has been addressed! It's pixel perfect.



Yeah they did! I’m a happy user now :)