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I want to add 40gb of free space to C. But i cannot move or resize it because of MSR that is located between them. How can i solve this?

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Hi , 40G which is unassigned -> can be quickly configured as a new NTFS partition,
but will not be added to C
Would that be enough for you? you will also be able to save some applications to it.

@Andrzej1 so I only can create a new partition and there is no way to enlarge the first one?

With Windows tools now it is not possible - only third-party programs can combine it, but I do not recommend such a solution, because there will be a change in security permissions.
Hello! Using MiniTool Partition Wizard for example (free). You need
1. Right click on MSR partition (16 Mb) and choose Copy
2. Select Unallocated space as destination and move MSR partition (16 Mb) to the end
3. Delete original MSR partition (16 Mb)
4. Resize your C: to remaining unallocated space


You can create a new volume in this unallocated space. Instead of giving it a device name, You can assign it to an empty folder on Your C-drive. This a a kind of "managed" extension of C:, because only the files that are directed to this folder are placed into the new volume.


No great solution, but you don't need to use new drive name.


I guess that the little volume blocking the extension seems to be some artefact of a incomplete change to a GPT drive. Maybe it is empty and can be removed. You can check this with the standard "Manage Disks" tool you have already used in Your post.  But be very careful!


All the best.