Required, but missing features for Theme installation/management in Edge



Create an Internal Edge page for themes, like this: edge://themes/



Add a button with the title "Themes" to the ellipsis menu, possibly below "Extensions" button






in edge://themes/ create a section to see our installed themes, so we can view them, activate any of the installed themes and delete any of the installed themes. also show where the theme originates from (i.e which webstore it was installed from or in case of manual install using .CRX file, show the Theme ID only).


something like this which is from Firefox





this is a related bug: so in after clicking "Remove" in here:




the theme doesn't seem to be uninstalled, that button only deactivates the theme. because after removing the theme and going to the theme's page on Chrome web store, I see this:




when I click on "Enable this Item", the theme activates again without redownload.

this is another reason why suggestions #1 to #3 are important.


The same problem happens when using Themes on Microsoft Edge Addons Store





As you can see the Edge addons store says the Theme is "Disabled" and Not "removed".

so there must be some sort of hidden feature for this already in place, only the UI elements are missing to manage it.



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There's also a bug with the title text color


Chrome (expected, white):



Edge (black):



This also affects collapse/minimize/maximize/close buttons


I completely agree.

  • To improve the overall experience, I feel the user must be able to download multiple themes at once, and switch between them whenever he/she wants to.
  • Under edge://settings/appearance, a list can be included which contains the name of the current theme as well as all the themes stored by the user.
  • If it is not possible to provide the feature to download multiple themes at once, at least a list of links to all the previously downloaded themes can be provided so that the user can download and use them again.

This will also prove useful if the user accidentally reverts the applied theme.


I cna;t get htat, that is only in insider


@Deleted wrote:
I cna;t get htat, that is only in insider

Yes only insider


@Deleted wrote:
Feedback sent


Okay, I can't wiat for it to come to stable. ETA? please.

Also what themes are there?
I added screenshots on the other posts for you,
it is available to all Edge channels, including stable, but only some users are able to see the theme category in the store, it's also related to the region the user is from.
I see, what regions are support?
Thanks, those are amazing!! Can't wait for it to come to Canada and to me if it is a controlled rollout
Not sure, some European countries I've tested with VPN, they worked, like France
Okay, when woudl htis be fylly rolluot. Thanks for the info. If I turn on VPN and install theme then remove the VPN . owldu it still rwork/
Yeah it will stay there, make sure your VPN is system wide and not a VPN extension