Request: Tab views while in full screen mode

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I would normally wait while features are put in Edge from the previous version BUT I use this feature a lot. It took a couple of years to put tab views while in full screen in the previous version. Really hoping it doesn't take as long.

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Yes great feature, google chrome is missing it which is annoying switching back and forth
Me too! I would love to have this feature soon on first public release. I wish every feature from existing Edge will be also available on new Edge. Except on few that will definately not included like eBooks.

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This is Chrome style Fullscreen mode

And This is edgeHTML original MS edge style , that I love it <3
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Please add this feature to Chromium-based Edge 


MANY of us are rising this same issue (Read: flaw). Please, also, report it to Mr Smiley :) Strength in numbers & all that rubbish.  Make your voices heard.  This one is serious, indeed!