Request: Tab Paging

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Edge Chromium is losing its tab style.

One of the biggest weakness of chrome is that if you opened a huge amount of tabs, you cannot know which website is in this tab, you can't even switch to the tab overflown out of the window.

In EdgeHTML, when you opened many tabs, an arrow to change pages appears instead of squeezing in the same window, thus you can know which website is in this tab easily.


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Thank you @jimchen5209 for your feedback.  Having many tabs open is a source of frustration for many people.  I will make sure the team looking at this issue is aware of your feedback.

@Elliot Kirk any update to this one? Seems like an important gap that would need closed before being production ready.

Hi @f00_beard, no real update right now.  We are aware of this request, and we have a task on our backlog for it.  Thanks - Elliot