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Hi Everyone,


As we know, Microsoft Edge is Chromium-based and therefore some interfaces are look and feel like Google Chrome. As Microsoft Edge fan, I want Microsoft Edge be superior than Google Chrome. It is important to make sure features which are similar to Google Chrome should be changed and we would have better experience in Microsoft Edge. In the first step, we need to identify them and in next step compare them with features we used to have in Legacy Microsoft Edge and look into how it could be better. Here are some examples:


1) Viewing Certificate: I really loved the look and feel in Legacy Microsoft Edge and we need better look.

2) Downloads: We really loved the look and feel of previous version of Microsoft Edge , but it could be better.


3) View favorites: even though, there are cool options to manage favorites but I really love to see list of favorites right in the browser instead of open in new tab.


4) Settings: Some user don't like style of opening settings in new tab and they prefer different look and this need to be discussed. In Internet Explorer and Legacy Microsoft Edge there wasn't new tab 


5) Change Search: the trick of entering and press TAB to change browser is working but we need way to change search from interface (Remember how we change search in Internet Explorer?)


6) Other features which are same as Google Chrome...


Some of above topics has been discussed here and I am looking for more inputs on such features and it would be interesting on having conversation to make Microsoft Edge better than Google Chrome. 

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@Reza_Ameri-Archived As of right now, you can access favorites without opening a new tab. When you click the favorites icon next to the address bar, a list of favorites comes down.



Also, the translucent effect we had in the title bar in Legacy Edge should come back to Edge Chromium may be on all edge supported OS or just on Windows 10 plus there should also be a transparent effect in the left pane of settings page like the Settings app of Windows 10 as @HotCakeX  had discussed in some old conversation.

2020-06-11_LI.jpgTranslucent effect found on the left Selector pane in Windows 10 Settings app.Translucent effect found on the left Selector pane in Windows 10 Settings app.

@cjc2112 may be I wasn't clear, I mainly referring to organize and manage them too and not just view or add them. Also ability to pin them so we had list of favorites in right side and stay there like Legacy Microsoft Edge.

@TheShaunSaw correct, these are what I was looking for.

I am mainly looking for a way to be able to manage some basic settings using small setting menu and for more advance one refer to advance setting which should be like what you are discussing. 

@TheShaunSaw That transparent theme is part of the Windows 10 design language called "fluent design". Windows 7s was called "aero". Microsoft hasn't added fluent design to Edge yet, partially because I think its difficult to make those kind of changes to Chromium. 

Edge is also available on other platforms so they cant just borrow the code windows gives them. That's also why the scrolling isn't as good. :(

There is a discussion but its one of the 10 page ones that gets us nowhere.

@Reza_Ameri-Archived great you started the thread!


I have already posted about the Certificate Viewer. That really needs a redesign in Fluent design.

I support all of the points raised by you, plus to see the browser getting updated with Fluent design, and particularly the Acrylic effect, would really set it apart from Chrome!

@Rohit Yadav there are more.

I just raised this so we have discussion on how could make Microsoft Edge even better.

At the end, we want to show benefits so people decide to go to Microsoft Edge.


Yes, I know what you are saying and I also thought the same in the past that it would be difficult to bring the acrylic theme to Microsoft Edge Chromium. As you can see, Windows 7 used to apply the aero glass theme on all windows so all windows had the same translucent window frame but in Windows 10, it is not the same and it is in the hand of application developers whether to make their window frames, menus, etc. translucent or not.


As you can see today, Major OS in the market has turned to the translucent design language with Windows 10 in 2017 and the macOS Big Sur which was just announced in WWDC will be also bringing the translucency to more areas in the OS. So, I think Microsoft Edge should make a translucent Window frame like the Edge Legacy, also make the selection pane in the settings page and more areas in Edge Chromium translucent on the OS which it supports.

@Reza_Ameri-Archived Thank you (and everyone else in this thread) for sharing your thoughts! Feel free to submit this feedback for the browser. A number of these suggestions (like Fluent design) are under discussion internally, so adding a "+1" through the feedback tool is helpful.


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@Deleted yes feedback is our favorites, however I wanted to check what feedback should be shared.

I am asking all readers, to think about how is it possible to make Microsoft Edge shine and send feedback , so Microsoft Edge team put them into action.

@Reza_Ameri-Archived Great, thanks! We love seeing these kinds of discussions, and they're helpful for our product team. Feel free to submit any/all of the feedback in this thread, we appreciate it all. :)


Fawkes (they/them)
Project & Community Manager - Microsoft Edge