Repeated pressing cursor down or up key doesn't always scroll the page


I often use cursor down or up when scrolling websites. I have noticed, since day one, in each Edge version, that the key press doesn't seem to register each time. Sometimes I can press cursor down on my keyboard each 0.5 second and scroll nicely through a very long site, but sometimes it's as if only a second or third keypress is being registered as a scroll down.


Here's a video showing how it often looks like:

In the video I press the "cursor down" key in regular intervals but the browser ignores some of the keypresses. Issue occurs on all tested PCs (3), no matter the Edge version.

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by cursor up/down keys, are you referring to the numpad keys arrows when the numlock button is off?

@HotCakeX - no, I meant the up/down arrow keys, not the numpad ones. I can't test the numpad because I don't have one ;)