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It would be nice if they would add a feature to the updates so we could stop some of the updates from continually trying to update to the same ones.  the last update we got in april my computer is still trying to update the same build over and over again. i had to pause the update cause i could not stop it.

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Hi @ginia210, are you talking about the Windows 10 updates, or Microsoft Edge updates? Edge should be updating once a week if you are on the Dev preview channel and daily if yo are on the Canary preview channel.

@Elliot Kirk  hi all i can say this came with the last update i got which is

Windows 10 Insider Preview 18890.1000 (rs_prerelease). And every since i got the build i am having problem with updates. i am already using the DEV and it works well for me, but i got all of these when it update the first time in april but not that one build is continually trying to update over and over again, all day long. it is slowing everything down


@Elliot Kirk sorry if i am on the wrong things i'm just frustrated at this computer going thru this so please accept my apology


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Hi Ginia,


Post your question in the Windows Insider Program at

Thanks You guys are the best!