Rendering large tables is very slow

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Rendering of large tables is very slow on Chromium browsers compared to others.

Attached is an example of a (legacy) table containing roughly 2250 rows and 31000 cells.


Rendering times on my machine:

BrowserRendering time
Edge 83.0 x6415.4s
Chrome 83.0 x6415.2s
MSEdge 44.183622.0s
IE 111.5s
FF 77.0.1 x641.3s


This is a known issue in Chromium since at least 2015 ( but apparently they have no intent of solving the problem.


Is this issue known for the new Edge browser and are there any plans of fixing it?

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@Erich11 @MissyQ I tried it and the table loading speed is insanely slow, especially compared to other browsers which do it instantly. 

@cjc2112 @Erich11 Its blazingly fast in edge legacy. Comparing edge legacy with current chromium edge browser, edge legacy tops both in terms of performance, and features. The current chromium edge browser should have atleast have as many features as in edge legacy. Why the edge legacy disowned is because it uses a different rendering style of web controls. But in terms of performance its still the best browser.

@sauravyad500 Its also "blazing fast" on every other browser except chromium based. I confirmed his results on my own, even explorer takes 1 second.

@Erich11 @cjc2112 @sauravyad500 


Thank you all for bringing this to our attention. I'll ask our team to look into this and see if there's anything we can do on our side of this. If you haven't yet, can you please submit diagnostics through the browser for this? (Shift+Alt+I)


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Thank you for passing this on to your team. I've already submitted diagnostics last week, I just don't know if this will help you as the website is internal only (our age old ERP system).


We finally moved from IE11 to Edge last month and I thought that I have tested everything thoroughly. Seems like I didn't. For now it is not a big deal as there aren't that many views with huge tables, but everyone who stumbles across them is complaining about the loading times.

I will now try to rewrite our table generator with grid-layout, proof of concept is looking very promising (rendering times down to about 200ms).


Nevertheless it would be amazing to see a fix for this anytime soon.


Also thanks to @cjc2112 @sauravyad500 for confirming my test results :).