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Can i rename an installed PWA? 


Background: I have two outlook accounts (one personal, one for work), and i want to use Outlook PWA for both. Problem is, other than when installing a normal website as app, on a PWA i cannot change the name. So both accounts are now called "Outlook", and cannot distigush between both.

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Hello, you can tell this To microsoft with feedback, menu, help and feedback, send feedback.


You say two outlook accounts. Are these both Microsoft email accounts (e.g. @outlook, @hotmail, If so, I'm in the same situation, but there's no confusion. 


I have one Edge profile for each account, called MSN and the other Outlook. A single instance of the PWA pinned to the taskbar is just called Outlook, but when I launch it, it uses whichever Microsoft Account I used last. I see my MSA profile picture in the title bar, and a click on it enables me to open the other account, using the second Edge profile: 



The taskbar hovercards show the Name of the MSA, so it's as well to make them a bit different from each other:



I don't think I had to do anything special to get this arrangement, which works very well. However, I don't have an OWA account to test with, so I don't know whether this applies to a mixture of MSA and work accounts.



@Noel Burgess I have the same name for both. On the Taskbar it's not the biggest issue, but i usually start my apps by hitting windows + start ... and well, the difference is not really visible (the already launched one has the colored background)