Removing Shopping Side Bar Tag as a Retailer

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I have a question on Shopping in Edge and the price comparison feature. I’d like to know whether you (as an Online Shop) can turn off this feature. I know by now that people can switch off this feature on their own when browsing, yet I’d like to get some information on whether or not a Webshop can do it too, so  prices f.e. from competitors (or the Shopping Price Comparison feature in general) won’t get displayed on my website.Thanks for your support!

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Hello nicoleschoerghuber


I recommend reaching out to the MS savings team at email address removed for privacy reasons As I understand it, they will be able to assist with this.  

@Jeremiah-V thanks for your reply, do you have an E-Mail or any other contact information where I can reach out to the MS Savings team?

Sent you their contact info via DM.