Remove unnecessary items from right-click menu in Edge




Normal users that are not web developers will probably use them less often, so it's be better to have an option to only activate them when we want to, from developer tools.




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Yes, the context menu would look a lot simpler for people who don't need to use these options.

Yea, that would be useful in cleaning the right click menu & more appealing to the users. That said, devs can enable the option.

As long as they add it as an option, I totally agree!

@HotCakeX Yes please remove these items by default!

Average users don't know what these buttons do, and if they click them, they'll be calling IT to help because they don't know "what happened to their screen" :)


Even for web developers, I think "View frame source" and "Refresh frame" are often redundant, because they always appear in the menu, regardless of whether the page even has a frame. It would be nice if Edge checked this and only showed these options when needed. Firefox already does this.


I don't know if there are some technical hurdles making it difficult to adapt the right-click menu based on user settings, but if a static menu is desired, at least placing these options under a sub-heading would be somewhat better.

Totally agree. Great suggestion :grinning_face:

I disagree with removing these items from the right click option. As a website developer we use these very frequently. They are very visible in some form on other web browsers and removing just for edge, will just alienate Edge once again from other browsers. As a regular user (non developers) how often to you right click on a page? 

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We are talking about this feature because the buttons in the context menu and anywhere else are bigger in Edge for the reliability of the tablet users. The context menu looks fine when it has less options but when it has many options, it looks to be very large and cumbersome which also takes time to select an option as users have to look through a large context menu.
As mentioned above in some of the replies, the suggestion is not about totally removing those developer options but hiding them under a toggle-based feature which can be easily enabled to show them again in the context menu.

@TheShaunSaw I still do not think that is a good enough reason.  By default, right click has only these options [screenshot below]. Anything else, depends what the user has installed as a web app in the browser or depends on what website he/she is on. If anything should be remove is perhaps "Read Aloud" unless right clicking on text.






Instead of removing them completely, it would be better to collapse them into a "Dev Tools" flyout menu, so that people who need them (Web Developers/IT professionals like me) can easily find these tools. The Edge Team can then include even more tools here, and "normal" users will never see them, or have their menus cluttered. 

A toggle in the settings will solve this problem, By default it should be turned off, people who want those tools can turn it on manually in the Settings menu, as simple as it sounds right! Thank you :)
It's not related about what extensions user installs, they are just there by default.
Yeah, I agree this is the best solution. It would be the best to collapse all these options into a "Dev Tools" flyout menu.
Not everyone needs dev tools in right-click menu. most ordinary users won't use it. it better be an option in the Dev tools settings in Edge to enable and then those options can appear in the right-click menu.

I really want to switch to Edge but the bloated right-click context menu compared to Chrome always turns me away within a day or two.


There should be some sort of Advanced set of options that allows users to toggle on/off each item that appears in the default context menu.


I personally would remove remove all of these:



Thank you


I agree,
you need to send your request using the feedback button on Edge to the developers,
press (...) menu => help and feedback => send feedback
Totally agree. We need a modular context menu to make it more compact. All options can be enabled by default, but it needs to be customisable and modular to have an optimal size.
Thanks for the support
Do not listen to any one who agrees with this. PERIOD.

He's tired of clicking the reader button while trying to turn a page. It would be nice if they left this menu completely under user control.