Remove this area please.

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@Deleted This area looks disgusting, Can you pass the feedback to proper team to remove this area & make those buttons fit in the whole area.

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@hussain5416 We're sorry to hear that the UI isn't working for you. If you haven't yet, can you please submit that feedback and screenshot through the browser?


And in an ideal scenario, what would you prefer to see: the icons centered with a buffer of spacing, or no spacing around them on the top or bottom? And would your answer to that change if you're using MS Edge on your Android vs. desktop?


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@Deleted I do like the most of the UI of new edge, (much better than any other browser including chrome), It's very simple and uncluttered. Yeah, there are some here n there inconsistencies just like above pic (actually very few). Also submitted the feedback from browser as many other users were also reporting about it on this forum.

Centered icons without spacing would look better and more consistent with the size of tabs.
@Deleted I do agree with @hussain5416 . The controls should be occupying whole space and its not a platform specific bug, its with every edge browser in Windows. Kindly fit those buttons in the proper area.