Remove the "uninstall" option from the site icons pinned to home screen in Android


This even happened to me and other people that I know, we wanted to remove a site icon that was pinned to home screen and thought selecting "uninstall" will remove it but then we realized it actually deleted the whole Edge browser from Android!


the "uninstall" option is misleading. on Edge Windows 10, the uninstall option on sites pinned as PWA, only uninstalls/removes the site, doesn't uninstall the whole browser. on Android Edge should have the same behavior.

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I couldn't agree more @HotCakeX . I've done it twice myself losing all other pinned shortcuts doing so.

@Jacques Van de Meerssche and @HotCakeX , thanks for bringing this to our attention. This behavior is a surprise to me as well and sounds like a bad bug. I'm investigating.



Thank you, by the way I'm using Edge beta on Android

@HotCakeX can you give me specific repro steps? I am seeing 'remove from homescreen' but not 'uninstall'...



@johnjansen wrote:

@HotCakeX can you give me specific repro steps? I am seeing 'remove from homescreen' but not 'uninstall'...


Of course, here you go


Step 1Step 1


Step 2Step 2


Step 3Step 3


Step 4Step 4


Step 5Step 5


Step 6Step 6


@HotCakeX I'm afraid this could depend on the launcher and not on the app itself. I'm not aware of any Android feature to do this. It's most probably the launcher's decision to display or not an uninstall button.

I could be wrong of course, but did you ever find an app with shortcuts that didn't display this "uninstall" option ?

Hi, yeah you might actually be right because I thought about it too. I'm using Microsoft launcher. if it is indeed something that must be fixed in launcher level, then Microsoft can fix it in their own launcher which is quite popular on Android as it's great and feature rich.

I'm not sure how it works but Edge browser should make those shortcuts in a way that they be different from app shortcuts.
"johnjansen" said he doesn't even have "uninstall" option, i wonder what launcher he uses.



I thought this was a Microsoft Website. Why are you talking about this?:suprised:


:suprised:Never mind 

You are correct @HotCakeX . I am using Microsoft Launcher as well so the Launcher team will likely have to address this issue.

@Jacques Van de Meerssche yeah, in our investigation we determined this to be a Launcher issue as well. Can you file feedback for them? I assume they really mean "uninstall the thing this shortcut points to" and that's why they include "remove" as well, as in "remove this shortcut". 

Okay I posted in Microsoft Launcher community about the issue

hopefully the post will get the required attention
Remove the uninstalled pinned icons on my screen