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Hi all, I know this was said to be addressed back in March. After looking through the Microsoft Edge Browser Policy Documentation | Microsoft Docs I can't find the policy to disable this on a new tab page. I'm currently on the latest Stable release version, is there something I've missed?

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@NickM15 Thanks for reaching out, and welcome to our Insider's community. 


I know we have a policy that can modify that experience to an extent, which you can read more about here.) However, I'll check in with our New Tab Page team and let you know if there is something else that would be more suited to your use case.


Fawkes (they/them)
Program Manager & Community Manager - Microsoft Edge




Thanks Fawkes, did you find anything from the net tab page team at all? Looking at the policy I would need to change the default search provider to be something else than Bing. That's not really what I want to do. Is there a way of just getting rid of the bing search box and keeping the address bar?