Remember Extensions' Prior Places on Toolbar [Solved]

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Edit: Never mind. Just found out they are indeed arranged but not showing on toolbar menu. I just simply needed to widen the extension section to the left. It's all good now!


I am using an Extension Toggler, which turns off/on all extensions at once. When I turn back extensions through same method though, all prior arranged Extensions on Toolbar go straight back to the menu.


I want them to be in place where they were before, arranged like I did, on Toolbar.


I use that feature (turning off/on extensions) a lot. Arranging all extensions again and again and again is, sadly, meaningless. It would be cool to see that minor feature to be added on future updates.


p.s. I'm not quite sure if this is the right spot for a Feature Request. If there's a feedback option or more effective way to make my voice heard I could use some help about that either.

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