Remember download path based on the file URL

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I download many documents each day and I usually don't put them in the default Downloads folder; They're usually put into a specific folder which is highly related to the website that I downloaded from. For example:

- Anything related to my university goes to Documents\University and are mostly downloaded from

- Downloaded icons from are stored in Pictures\Icon\Flat

- Downloaded source codes from go to Programming

Currently, the browser remembers only the last downloaded file path and I should navigate many folders to reach the destination each time.

It would be really great if it could categorize file types based on the domain, subdomain, other parts of the URL, file extension, ... and navigate to the related folder by default.

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other similar suggestions to the same topic (PS: is just a cmd c cmd v from chromium)

you need to separate downloads:

download that are 100% inside completed
download failed under failed
download that are downloading under download

add resume all or resume selected download in the panel failed

add delete all completed download, and not only delete all downloads.

we should be able to set some favourite download to folder destination, without need to search every time the destination, especially if we change this frequently. we should simply see download folder a, download folder b, c,d,e.

would be cool if we can set save image to a b c d or e directly in right click menu too. without need to use extensions or change destination.


and this for onedrive too

there is an extension to save to google drive from google, but is still huge limited. you should add something that on every file we see an overlay icon "save" and by clicking this you save to gsuite (in a second step we can even tell where to save). so no menu bar, no extension button, just 1 click near the file/picture/video....

another way is to add drag photo to save, but the first option is much better.


More suggestions related to datahoarding activities soon for both chromium and edge


PS: i still think something like eagle or dropmark popup to save things to finder would be cool too, not only right menu option, which is a **bleep**ty option with 100-200+ installed extensions (since you first need to spend 30h to find the correct menu position). this is why i suggested a manager for right menu too. in such way we drag drop picture, select the folder and it's done 


PS2: download manager in edge is better compared to chrome... thanks edge

@momt99  PS: now you can use hazel, devonthink, etc. or there are some extensions (but i don't like such extension at all, because a lot are limited to subfolders inside /download .. which is not the end goal)


i still think your suggestions is really good. never send it before, because i thought this is maybe to much for a default setting inside a browser, but would help a lot. there should be an option to import export such option to other edge accounts too, without need to reconfigure all from 0 again.

i hope we can add website to such list really fast, for example right click on the tab.


i hope we can even pause such setting in batch. so this mean add a workspace download rules (for example if the external drive is not connected, i pause the rules related to external drive, and i activate the internal drive rules; or for different topic i need different folder, even if the url is always the same). if you can do such things automatically would be better too. 


a rename feature during download would be cool too