Refresh all option on the tab right click

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@Elliot Kirk In the original edge and even explorer, there is an option to refresh all your tabs at once. I noticed that none of the other browsers have it, so I was wondering if this feature was moving over or staying behind.

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@cjc2112 Oh yeah, that would be a cool feature. Could maybe up step it one and also set refresh time rate such as to refresh every 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, etc, etc. There's an extension on the Chrome store that allows that.

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Had to use this feature couple of days ago and ended up installing an extension from the store cause didn't want to F5 on each tab manually.

one of those rare features that must be added

@HotCakeX@cjc2112@Anthony, I am curious, how often do you need to refresh all open tabs simultaneously?  If you only do this say once a week, would you prefer a simple extension over another browser control?  Thanks - Elliot

You're totally right. I only needed that feature 1 time and i ended up uninstalling the extension after i was done cause i didn't want it to take space.
it's also super easy to find these extensions. just type in the search the function you're looking for or wanna do and add the word extension to it, it will come up in the first page.
Extensions are better than having a browser that includes every rare and unused function. better keep it simple imo

It's an interesting observation. Presently not much. I can't say why people need to refresh multiple tabs, those that do can chime in. In the past I have needed it (but for one tab). People that follow the sports stuff and need to refresh the page for say baseball scores or football score or playoffs as they follow the game via website (not radio/video streaming) like on Yahoo Sports. There's also those chat forum posting like sites (kind of like this) and to see if any new posts or reply come in they need to refresh the page so having a refresh timer could work. They set the page to refresh every 60 seconds for example. Can an extension work? Most likely. Interesting to see other peoples input or if they use refresh often options. Although I wouldn't rate the refresh feature the top of the list of feature needed especially if there are more usable or needed features that need to be added or added first, but everyone has their own reasons for needed this or that. It's not a feature or extension I need (at least not more than on the occasional side) so I can leave it to other users to chime in if they feel it's a needed option or if an extension would simply work. 



@Elliot Kirk 

I use it fairly often, such as when I enter a password for a website that already has tabs open, when the wifi goes out and I need all pages to load again, even when I have multiple tabs open in the Microsoft developing community and I want changes I made to sync. I use this feature at least once a day. I find that the times that I use it the most are when I have multiple tabs that opened at once (such as opening from favorites or the set tabs aside feature) and I only want to make one change such as signing in on one tab and have it applied to all the other tabs. (My school requires you to sign in each time, though its already filled out and you just have to hit the button sign in.) 

I wouldn't think that it would slow down the browser much, if at all, and it is something that I feel should come default with the browser; and extension takes time to get and is harder to use than the simple right click option.

For the love of ****.... Why is this STILL not added?
It was in the old Edge, every other browser I know of has it, what's Microsoft's malfunction?

Same for "Open all Favorites in New Tab" Setting...
It's STILL not fully and properly working. Again, what's the malfunction for this simple setting?