Redesigned new tab?

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I have Edge stable and have never seen this new tab, with the MS logo on left and weather, settings on right. Is this by chance a sneak peek because I've never seen this in Dev, or Canary?

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You're correct, exactly the same thing is happening to me

@Deleted Stable too, right?
Not that big of a change, i was expecting an improvement seeing the title
@HotCakeX Me too.

@Kam Now if there was a way to disable the dimming effect, it doesn't work with most of the images. 


Sometimes I download a good image only to realize it won't work well in edge. Thankfully the OS still allows for wallpapers without any alteration.   

no i mean when i read this topic of yours.
@HotCakeX Silly me :)
Correct, I downloaded an Edge GIF in the hope that it would move as it did in the "Photos" app but it didn't.
It's okay