Recent Edge Chromium beta/dev organization user problems

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I have now used Edge Chromium for months, since I changed from Google Chrome. And I have also installed it on my work computer, but signed in with my private outlook user. Until recently Edge Beta on my work computer were separat from my work user and everything were good.


In December I changed computer, and with the new PC I had some problems setting up my privat user profile in Edge Beta, but after some tries it worked (but already back then suddenly my work user were also a profile I could not remove, since Edge Beta uses the Windows 10 user profiles (sadly)). I have had some problems with my new PC, so today I once more got a new PC.


When I then tried to install and setup my Edge Beta/dev again, I can no longer make a profile for my private user, the Active Directory politics now stops me from doing so. So I cannot do any kind of syncing with my private profile, since profile simply cannot be added. I can only make profiles that are linked to my work, which of course my privat profile is not.


Is this due to the policies at my work has changed, or due to changes in Edge Beta that now much closer links the browser to Win10 user profiles?


For me this really sucks! As it is now one of the main reasons for me going over to Edge Beta are gone; I can as the situation is now, no longer use Edge Beta with my privat user at work (in other words no syncing of any kind).

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they are due to the policies set by your work organization that you can't sign in using private Microsoft accounts.
you should contact your system administrator and ask them to make an exception for your computer.
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@JarleH This is likely due to policies set by your admin. Is the add profile option here missing for you? If so, you need to contact your admin to request them to set the BrowserAddProfile policy to enabled



Thanks both of you!


I HOPE this is a setting set by default and not as a decided policy, because if not, I will likely not be given rights...

@Avi Vaid btw, no that is not the problem.


I can make a new profile, but I cannot log on to an account not connected to my work organization

Well it's the same, you can make offline accounts of course but all the data stay in your computer and won't leave it.


I didn't say that you can't make offline accounts, I only said you can't "sign in using Private MSA" without your system administrator's permission.


now just to be sure, paste this into your browser address bar and tell me what you see:


NO policies at all, no policy has any value. What?!?

Now I am really confused. So, our organization has NO policy at all for Edge, then why am I stoped?

So this is actually a Windows policy that is hindering me (ref what I wrote over, cannot make MS outlook accocunt outside organization)?

Really? because you marked the comment above as best response when it was talking about organization policies but you said there is nothing in edge://policy/
so your problem must have a Different solution.

can you uninstall your Edge Canary, delete user data when asked during uninstall and then install it fresh again?

@HotCakeX I got a few replies from internal IT, and the reason is this:

We have not implemented any new policies in our organization, that triggers this profile problem in Edge Chromium. With the release of Edge Chromium, Edge is changed to automaticly connect to the Windows profile if it has Office 365, which we have. So, as I understand this there were a change in the official release version of Edge Chromium that has triggered the connection to the Windows user, and we are not able to add profiles not connected to our organization. Later on when we implement Edge Chromium in our organization, this will also be locked down; will not be allowed to log into a personal account in Edge Chromium.


So, here in our organization I will not be able any longer to connect my personal MS account to a Edge Chromium profile, as I understand it. Too bad I got a new computer, since I had already added the profile on my old computer, so there it worked like before.


Well well...

Got another reply just now from internal IT;

In fact she found out that in December there were implemented a new policy for build Win10 1903, that hinders loging into (I guess actually adding) personal accounts for Windows apps (and this also sadly and stupidly affects Edge Chromium also.


So in fact there has been a policy change at our side, resulting in this problem. So yeah, this is now blocked. Too bad I got a new computer and my old profile were removed...sigh

Canary build have the same problem, I tried.
Maybe just MAYBE if someone could give me a link to a old version of Edge from like November, I could install that, and try to make my profile and link it BEFORE the client updates...
Well i don't think there is any because Edge installers have been always "Online" setups, downloading directly from servers so they are always latest versions.
So about the policy. if they installed/implemented it, they can fix it too, I mean they should be able to as a system administrator.

@HotCakeX I know there are also a system admin download the whole package option, but if I should try this I need a old package from like November.

@HotCakeX I work in a big public service organization, and when they implement a policy like this, I cannot change it.


@JarleH wrote:

@HotCakeX I know there are also a system admin download the whole package option, but if I should try this I need a old package from like November.

I really don't think so, old version of Edge, specially when its in fast development process, has so many problems and lack of features..i don't see how it can be helpful even if it was available.


@JarleH wrote:

@HotCakeX I work in a big public service organization, and when they implement a policy like this, I cannot change it.

Yes you can't, but "they" can

@HotCakeX semantics, THEY will not change it, we are a big organization, its decided already

Well that's it then

@HotCakeX Sadly yes. If I only didnt need to change my computer a few days back, I would still have had the profile already made...