Received New Edge with Windows update

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 I received new microsoft edge via a windows update today even though I had chromium edge blocker kit installed.


I will take the bitter pill and not remove it by 'unofficial methods'.


Some observations  :


1. New edge (stable) has hypersensitive touchpad scrolling on my HP laptop that makes it unusable. In comparison edge canary's scrolling is better. On firefox nightly it is better still.


2. When I use both canary and stable the scrolling in canary edge freezes and hardly moves bit by bit.


3. Closing legacy edge did not solve scroll freeze problem in canary. 


4. Win Start menu scrolling has slowed down and hardly moves (both list and tiles). The scrolling personality is identical to canary edge.


5. I just opened stable edge and now scrolling is frozen in it as well.


6. I opened latest firefox nightly and scrolling is adversely affected - the scroll behavior is slightly different and but still usable, relatively speaking. 


I understand that this is an effort to bake edge in OS which is commendable. 


Yesterday I had compared legacy edge with then latest canary version and found legacy to be vastly superior. It was able to open large images (>10MB) in individual tabs and zoom and scroll over them flawlessly. Right now no other browser on my computer can do the same leave alone doing so with such little battery usage that legacy edge did.

This bitter pill is hard to swallow because it will take quite some time  before chromium edge gets infused with the best of EdgeHTML (I hope it does eventually, I am willing to patiently wait).



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I know what you are saying but I would also like to point out that there are many articles on the internet which tells to how to switch back to Microsoft Edge Legacy or run both versions of Edge simultaneously.