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When i download a format lets say:epub, mobi, fb2, Word.doc/docx,, or some other file i was able to open it in the classic Edge and read it.Is there such an option in Chromium Edge because i couldn't find it.

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Epub is not supported
not sure about mobi (never heard of it) but when I download PDFs they are opened in the new Edge.

@HotCakeX  "not sure about mobi (never heard of it)"


MOBI is an eBook format now owned by Amazon. Amazon's eBook formats (AZW, AZW1, and AZW3) use the MOBI format but incorporate a proprietary DRM, and Kindle's newest format (KF8) is based on MOBI, also with a proprietary DRM.  To my knowldge, EdgeClassic does not support MOBI, but I could be wrong.

Oh okay, so another proprietary document type, just like XPS.
it's honestly their tactics, they create or own something proprietary and confuse users and make them use only specific software/devices (like Amazon kindle) to use their products, while the same product can be created in PDF and it's open standard.

@HotCakeX "Oh okay, so another proprietary document type, just like XPS."


Although Amazon now owns MOBI, MOBI is based on the Open eBook standard and is not itself proprietary.  MOBI supports most Windows platforms, as well as Linux and MacOS, and depreciated OS's like Symbian, Blackberry and Palm. Mobi does not support Android natively, however.


Amazon Kindle's MOBI-based versions (AZW, AZW1, AZW3 and K8) are protected by a proprietary DRM, and that (not MOBI) is what makes Kindle books proprietary. 


As an aside, Amazon has developed an ePub to MOBI converter, supporting port of ePub books to an unprotected MOBI format that can be read by the Kindle Reader, which is handy.  I use a Kindle Reader, and have converted many ePub books to Kindle format over the years.

Good stuff, why not choose PDF though when you want to go through the conversation process? at least you'll know you will have had a very compatible format in the end and won't have to worry whether it will be depreciated tomorrow or not.

@HotCakeX  "Good stuff, why not choose PDF though when you want to go through the conversation process?"


Personal preference.  My experience with PDF on a Kindle Reader has not been particularly satisfactory.  Although Amazon includes many PDF format books (usually those outside of copyright protection scanned and converted by enthusiasts) in its collection, I've found that MOBI is the better format for my use.  MOBI allows me to change formatting (typeface, type size, line/margin spacing, and so on) while those choices are much limited or nonexistent in PDF format most of the time.


I suppose that my preference for MOBI format for my Kindle Reader is similar to those who prefer  Microsoft Office rather than LibreOffice, or vice versus.  I've been using LibreOffice/OpenOffice for 20+ years.  I  prefer LibreOffice to Microsoft Office because it is FOSS, cross-platform between Windows and Linux, and I like the way it formats.  My husband, on the other hand, is an author who prefers Microsoft Office because it converts better (in his opinion) into standard eBook formats, including Kindle format.   We both have good reasons for our preferences.  Who's to argue with either of us?   


Software and file formats are means to an end, nothing more.  We have lots of choices, and we choose what works best for us.


In my experience open source software were never as good and feature rich as their paid counterparts