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From the old Edge I´m missing most is the Reading list function. I have used that from the beginning and it has been a lifesaver in my work. Please add it to this new Edge as well

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@Ari Suominen Yeah we need to get that added back on. It's too important for my job to not have. Do not release new edge/replace old edge, without it.

@Ari Suominen 

I wanted to ask this more pointed question:-

Will the mooted "offline" Reading List feature that was included in Edge HTML but never fully activated be added to Edge Chromium?
(I did get one reply to a question I posed, I think back in 2015,on the promised offline capability that reply said simply and unequivocably
""At this time, the reading list is not available offline in Microsoft Edge, but we’re working on it for a future update"

In my opinion it is a pretty useless add on anyway. because in EdgeHTML it does nothing that adding a URL to the Favorites list already does and now that Edge Chromium sensibly includes an Internet Exploder like facility to Save a webpage complete you can save the whole webpage for off line viewing i.e.reading anyway



While I understand your point of view, I disagree with excluding it. Here is the reason why.


My job requires me to stay updated in many different areas. This generated a ton of reading and a lot of information that the reading list provides alot of insight for. For example, I will generate about 25-30 articles per work day. Not only do I need to keep track of what I need to read, but also how long it's been since it was added to the reading list. One of the biggest problems with favorites is that it gets cluttered after awhile. realize that if I add 100 articles a week, that will overtake my favorites of common sites I use pretty quickly. And since Favorites doesn't provide information as to how long something has been sitting there (how long it's been since I added the article), it would be harder for me to chronologically determine what articles I need to read first.


If NewEdge does not include the Reading List I will have to find another way to handle this, and unfortunately there are no good alternatives.


As far as saving a web page, lets see what your computer will look like after saving 100 articles a week. The management of that alone will take a long time.

I waiting for that reading list also. I will just like to keep the articles i was reading away from the sites i visit often.

@Ari Suominen I heavily suspect that Reading List will get the chop when it comes to importing features over to New Edge. Microsoft have just retired the 'Books' section on the Microsoft Store and will no longer be selling them. They may deem it not worth the time to build in the feature and stick to just the PDF reader. There is hope it might be included to pacify the education market which is something quite important at the moment.

@Cameron_Bush I think they discontinued the books section of the Store because they weren't getting many sales in it. Amazon keeps dominating that market.

@Phillip FrabottMost definitely. The Reading List was only added as a way to facilitate store bought books instead of having a stand alone app. Now they don't sell books there is little point for them to rebuild it into New Edge.

I never associated the reading list with books. I used it exclusively for keeping track of news articles and other information on the internet. I really hope they keep the reading list otherwise I'll have to find another browser to use.

@Phillip Frabott Ditto. My thoughts exactly. I hold in the reading list articles which I need in my job. It's much easier to keep them there than in bookmarks/favourites. It is a functionality that for me has nothing to do with books, so I do not understand the "book" reference at all. 

Reading list is a functionality that you either use or don't, but it should be there no matter what :)

@Ari Suominen 

I miss the Reading List as well.  I replaced the functionallity by exportiong the Reading List in the old Edge to an HTML file.  I then imported the file into the Preview version, renamed it "Reading List" and then moved it to the Favorites Bar.  I now have almost the same thiong as before.

Old Edge crashed when I tried to do that since i have over 2500 items in the reading list. We seriously need this feature added back in.

Hi @Ari Suominen, this is a facinating thread.  There definitely seems like there is an unmet need for people to be able to catalog and manage certain portions of their browsing history or intentions.  I will let the team know about this thread and the feedback that you and everyone on this thread have offered us.  Thank you all for taking the time to try out our new version of Microsoft Edge and again for offering us this feedback.


Whisper you said you exported your reading list to an html file. But I do not understand what you meant by that because I cannot get an actual list in text format only icons telling me what items comprise my own list.
so what exactly was the content of the HTML file that you then imported  into the Preview version, renamed it "Reading List" and then moved it to the Favorites Bar????

reading list as of 13 April 2019.jpg

how the f... do you insert a flaming screenshot nothing I tried
works it was there all the f'ing time!!


Hi John,

Here is the process in more detail:  Open old Edge and 1) click on the three periods in the top right corner, 2) click on settings, 3} Click on "Import or Export" (middle of page), 4) In third section from top, select "Reading List" and   click "Export to File", 5) Select a location where you want the file, and then click "Save".

Now open Edge Preview and import the file you just saved following pretty much the same steps and locations above --except now you are importing. Finally, click on the three dots and select Favorites.  All your Favorites and Reading List folder will show.  Drag the Reading List into the Favorites Bar List area wherever you want it.  I put mine right under the Favorites Bar title so the Reading List appears at the far left edge of the screen.   The end result is not as "pretty" as in Edge, but they work. 

This is an interesting thread. If folks are willing - i'll be curious to hear what are other use cases folks used Edge Reading List for? i can promise to pass on the feedback to the appropriate product owners.



+1 For reading list functionality. One of my favorite features in Safari as well.

I know I'm late to the conversation but would also like to add my vote to add the reading list to the new (future) Edge. I don't use it as much as some seem to but I use it a lot especially when reading Wikipedia articals. I usually save the links that go to other atical and come back to read them later if I don't have time at the moment. @Ari Suominen 

@amitkun I too, would like the Reading List added back to Edge.  I use it regularly for two purposes: 1. To save web articles I find when doing my daily reading but do not want to spend the time reading the acticle then.  For example, I look at Tom's Hardware almost every day,  It frequently has in-depth articles (long) that I definitely want to read but I don't want to spend the time when I am doing my daily reading.  And, 2.  I add sections of  game "walkthroughs" to the Reading LIst.  For example, I currently am playing Fallout 76.  It has numerous quets than contian a half dozen locations/steps to complete.         


In both cases, I can find what I am looking for quickly and dispose of the items when I am done with them.  Conceptually, it is like the Desktop is supposed to be for Windows.