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Evening, I'm kind of new to Edge Insider and was wondering if anybody had any tips regarding websites I want to read later.


I have insider installed on my home PC and my work PC and I had a bit of an interesting thought today when I come across a website i wanted to read later on, I appreciate I could just add it to pocket or even my favourite's, but just wondering if there was some sort of scrap book sort of idea you could just throw a link into for later on for review.


Im not sure if im thinking of it right or getting my point across but hopefully you understand my point

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Hello Phil and welcome to the edge insider forum.


You can easily save websites/pages you want to read later in what is called a Collection.  There is a button that looks like this  Annotation 2020-06-30 180400.jpg  in the upper right of your browser, but if you do not see it, then go to the ... 3 dots menu and you will see Collections there... 

Annotation 2020-06-30 180638.jpg

Press the word or the button at the top of your browser and it will open a sidebar that looks like this

Annotation 2020-06-30 180443.jpg

Just select start new collection and then name it and add your current page to it.  It is that simple and it will always be there until you delete it... 

Hope this helps and answers your question.



Fantastic thank you @Dennis5mile 


Is this specifically how collections is supposed to be used?

You can save pages for all sorts of reason. i.e... create a collection of products you want to compare to each other or a product from many stores. Create a collection for a Christmas list for yourself or others you are shopping for. Create a Collection of all the how-to pages you want to save that helps you accomplish whatever task you are trying to do... The list is really infinite as to the type of collections you want to save and use at a later date.... You can also export your list to excel, OneNote, word and now Pinterest... Explore all the buttons and see what they do....

Hope this helps you......