Read aloud - natural voices stopped working

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A couple of weeks ago I noticed that when trying to use the Read Aloud feature, the natural voices were not working. The regular/old voices still work, but when any of the natural voices are selected, it will appear to be working, but there is no audio and the word highlighting doesn't move.


I'm currently on 89.0.760.0, but had the issue in the previous release as well. I know it's an issue with my PC though because my work laptop is not having the same issue with the same version of Edge.


I'm on Windows 10 Insider channel with build 21286. I don't use the Read Aloud feature daily, so I can't pinpoint what else might have changed to have caused it, but wanted to ask for some help because its something I depend on when I do need it.

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if you are using Tracking Prevention in Edge set to Strict, there is a known issue for it, one of the developers made a comment:

I have noticed the exact same issue today and it is so frustraiting. I am a university student and always use the read aloud setting to proof read my work, however today the read aloud voices are just the old 'Hazel', 'Susan' and 'George' voices, not the nice natural 'male' and 'female' voice. I have good internet connection, I updated word and ensured all the correct english voice settings were installed, but I cant seem to be able to get the read aloud voice back to the natural voices again! Would really appreciate a fix! I work in English UK and would just like to add that all my documents have the issue too!
This is incident is occurring again in 2023. Some of the voices have been out for a couple of days now. One of the many voices that are out is "Microsoft Abeo Online".