Read aloud gets stuck on some quotes and other words

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I’m using settings/spoken content/voices/English (US)/Samantha Enhanced for audible text. It works great except for some reason it freezes on some double quotes and other words that I cannot explain. I couldn’t find a bug report on this issue. My guess is it’s been reported? This is on an IPhone 6S running Edge version 46.3.5. I’m on IOS 14.4.2.

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You can just hit the stop and start on the menu to restart the voice from the point it stopped. It’s just a nuisance.
So this is audible's read aloud features, not the built in natural voices in Edge browser itself.
works on other browsers?
I had the same issue. It's annoyance. truly.
I found this only in Edge browser itself. I try other browser that have reading-mode, those works perfectly fine and not stop and get stuck on some quotes. I try both built-in mechanical voice as well as natural voices. They did the same. I even try other languages. And yuk! they all can't get rid of this issue. I realize this happen after some edge update, but there's no way to reverse it back. I wrote the community for solution, but the recommendation is to reset. I try to reset edge setting, but still no avail.