React Dev Tools extension not working in Canary channel

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Hello, I installed React DevTools extension from the Chrome Store last week, it worked just fine, I got the icon in the toolbar and the DevTools tab, but since 2 Edge versions ago the tab in the DevTools stop working, the tab doesn't appear at all, the icon in the toolbar works though.


Microsoft Edge version: Version (Official build) Canary (64-bit)

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Same for Vue devtools
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@montogeek Thanks for reaching out.


We've determined the change that introduced this issue and we've reverted it so tomorrow's Canary build should have the expected functionality.


Since we caught this in Canary, the Dev channel hasn't been impacted. So if you need to be unblocked today, I would recommend switching to the Dev channel until we have a new Canary out.


Once again thanks for the feedback and making the DevTools better!

@paulgildea Thanks for answering!

It is there a place (a discussion thread, a repository) where I can read these changelogs or commits?