"This site is trying to open Microsoft Teams" not always prompting

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On 2 out of three computers, if we follow links to teams.microsoft.com/rdl/launchert/launcher.html?... in Microsoft Edge it will prompt once with "This site is trying to open Microsoft Teams (work or school)." "https://teams.microsoft.com wants to open this application." "Always allow teams.microsoft.com to open links of this type in the associated app."  Leaving the checkbox unchecked and clicking Open, it opens in Teams.  Then following the same or similar links it does not prompt for the same.  Yes those individuals can click the "Launch it now" in the page that displays but we are hoping to get that prompt again.  It does consistently open the pop-up on the third computer.  We have tried restarting Teams we have tried checking the checkbox and then clearing that out in settings but the same thing seems to keep happening.  Any ideas?

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