"This Flash Player is not compatible with your region"

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The Flash Player included in Edge doesn't work in China, a message appears whenever flash content is loaded. IE, legacy Edge and Chrome don't have this issue.


Background: https://community.adobe.com/t5/flash-player/this-flash-player-is-not-compatible-with-your-region/td-...



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Hi there,

1. which channel/version of the Microsoft Edge are you using?
2. when you mentioned flash player works in Google chrome, does it work in Google Chrome Dev/Canary channels? or only in stable channel?
1. Both Edge stable and canary have this issue
2. It works fine in Chrome stable and canary.

So according to that Adobe employee and what he said in the link you provided, it looks like Microsoft is using a higher Adobe flash player version in Edge browser, one that is not generally available.

either way, just a reminder that Flash Player will be removed from ALL major browsers by the end of this year, 2020. so around 11 months left. you can inform the webmaster of the website hosting flash content to use other technologies such as HTML5.


If you are in Mainland China, Adobe have formed a partnership with a local Chinese company and region-locked internatiomal Flash Player from executing in China Mainland. You have to get the China-exclusive version for it to work.
And unfortunately, the China-exclusive version distributed by Adobe's Chinese partner feature a number of significant privacy and security concern, so I really cannot recommend you to install that version personally.